Welcome to the Virtual Fab for Nano Materials at KIST!

Atomic scale understanding of the materials becomes essential in nano-materials development. It is also noted that as the devices scaled down to nanometer regime, conventional TCAD technology based on the continuum media hypothesis frequently fails. In order to overcome the limit, we are developing a multiscale simulation platform for nano materials simulation based on the atomistic simulation technology.

The computation methods integrated in this platform span from the first principles calculation based on the density functional theory, quantum transport calculation, (reactive) molecular dynamics simulations to the Monte Carlo simulation. In addition, various analysis tools are also being integrated.

This website is to provide the simulation environment under a similar environment of the experimental nano-fab facility. This Virtual Fab consists of three rooms : Sample Preparation Room, Process Room and Analysis Room. We are trying to provide a flexible working environment where the users can design and perform their own process and analysis workflows for nano-materials development, even if they are not well acquainted with the materials simulation method.

This Virtual Fab resulted from a project funded by the Converging Research Center Program of Korea. For more details, please refer to the Project page.

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