Development of Molecular Simulation Technology for Design and Optimization of Si Nano CMOS Devices

(2009.9 ~ 2014. 6.  PI: Dr. Kwang-Ryeol Lee @ KIST)

Scale-down of the present CMOS devices and the development of novel devices in nanometer scale requires atomistic simulations of the process and quantum mechanical calculation of the device performance. Many efforts have been focused on the development of the required simulation technologies, which now became a foundation stone of the integrated simulation platform.

In the present work, web-based hierarchical simulation platform is developed, aiming at providing an easy simulation environment to the researchers who are not highly skillful in the computational materials engineering and the computational electronics.

The platform will provide a shared facility of TCAD simulation for nano devices, like the nano-fab facility of the experimental nanotechnology.

For more flexible working environment, we tried to mimic the experimental nano-fab. Atomic scale simulation will be used in the present semiconductor industry when optimizing the process for few tens nm scale devices. The system will also provide a robust design tool for the next generation devices such as single electron devices, CNT devices, Graphene devices or nanowire devices.

The project is performed in close collaboration between computational research groups at KIST (led by Kwang-Ryeol Lee), KRICT (led by Hyunju Chang) and KAIST (led by Mincheol Shin and K.J. Chang).

This work was supportedy by the Converging Research Center Program through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology of Korea under the grant numbers of 2009-009423, 2010K000991, 2011K000624, 2012K001314, 2013K000176.